Noufal Mohamed

Technical Manager

Noufal Mohamed

Being an enthusiastic tech-savvy with over 10 years of experience in GCC countries, I always strive to learn up-to-the-minute technologies.

I started my career as a Security System Administrator Intern at IBQ, Qatar. After two years, I moved to Dubai and joined FOSS as an IT Support Engineer. My responsibility there was to serve both the local and global customers spanned all over GCC. My vocation as a project manager began when I started to actively involve in a few Security Projects.

Subsequently, at Mena Energy, I started as an IT Support Engineer. Initially, I was spending more time supporting employees across the globe. Very soon, my team expands and I got an opportunity to focus on projects. Special thanks to my Managers Sohail, Anas and Thrishan to recognize my passion and skills and support and direct me in my career journey. Not to mention, I acquaint myself with project management, self-learning and decision making skills with the continuous support and encouragement from my friendly and knowledgeable colleagues.

I recently partnered with Mignet Technologies and worked as the Technical Manager and led my technical team to design and execute projects. In addition to that, I am entitled as the Product Specialist for multiple IT Solutions from different verticals. I pin my hopes on the success and expansion of Mignet in the near future.

I am a people person and enjoy meeting new people. Reach out if you want to talk about emerging tech or cricket.

[email protected]
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