Information Security Solutions

We provide information security solutions that help you assess the risks posed to your business and take the appropriate level of mitigating steps.

Our IT Security Solutions

Security Gap Analysis

Don't leave your business vulnerable - get key insights into security gaps with our guide

Asset Management

Track, control, and optimize your businesses' assets with the help of asset management

Vulnerability Management

Boost your cybersecurity posture with effective Vulnerability Management!

Security Awareness

Protect your business from cyberthreats by following successful security awareness

Mobile Threat Defense

Safeguard your company data by properly implementing mobile threat defense

Cloud Security

Secure your cloud environment with a trusted implementing cloud security solutions

Vendor Risk Management

Mitigate your risk by employing effective vendor risk management strategies

Security Posture Management

Optimize your organization’s cybersecurity with effective security posture management

Website Security

Keep hackers out of your business website with our comprehensive support

BCP/DR and Backup

Protect your data against disaster by implementing a backup strategy, disaster recovery plan (DRP) and business continuity plan (BCP)

Privileged Access Management

Get the upper hand when it comes to digital security with Privileged Access Management.

Cyber threats are constantly evolving. Are you need of information security solutions?

In today’s complex environment, businesses need to ensure they have 360-degree protection, safeguarding their assets while maintaining flexibility and lowering total-cost-of-ownership. IT Administrators need systems to provide the technological backing for their security policies to allow them to preemptively protect, stop threats and manage issues in the event of a breach.

Grade technology for your information security solutions

When you review cybersecurity solutions, you’ll want to know that see a track record of success.  Proven in the most security-savvy organisations & government department, Mignet solutions deliver capabilities you can rely upon:


Analyses and correlates real-time data to pinpoint unusual events that are risky indicate an attack

Security Highlights

Continuously shows stakeholders the health of their security operations and highlight breaches.

Real Time Alert

Improves incident and breach response with real-time alerts and incident management workflow support


Reports who is accessing data or systems, and what they are doing seamlessly

Detect Anomalous

Uses Behaviour Anomaly Detection to detect anomalous activity

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