Configure Automated Processing for Room Mailbox

How to Configure Automated Processing for Room Mailbox

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Configure Automated Processing for Room Mailbox can be achieved by following these steps:

Unlocking Hidden Features for Managing Room Booking Requests

Within Microsoft 365, a multitude of features often go unnoticed by users, creating an understandable challenge in fully comprehending the capabilities available in applications. This scenario extends to on-premises applications like SharePoint Server and Exchange Server as well. This realization struck me when a conference organizer lamented the complexities of overseeing a room in the conference center designated for salespeople to reserve for customer meetings. The chosen method involved distributing an Excel worksheet to salespeople, allowing them to claim 30-minute slots for customer meetings via email.

The potential for confusion was evident, particularly in cases of conflicting bookings when two salespeople chose the same time slot. An automated solution was the obvious choice, but the user was unaware of the automated calendar management option for room mailboxes through the resource booking assistant. Understandably, the settings to create new room mailboxes and configure automated management are hidden in PowerShell or the Exchange admin center. Given that creating and managing room mailboxes aren’t routine user actions, and administrators may not frequently engage in these tasks either, the challenge lies in users knowing the possibilities and when to seek assistance from tenant administrators.

Creating and configuring a room mailbox involves the following straightforward steps:

  1. Create a room mailbox: Also known as a resource mailbox, it features a calendar that accepts meeting requests via email. Room mailboxes can be created through Microsoft 365 or Exchange admin centers or by utilizing the New-Mailbox cmdlet. Importantly, room mailboxes do not require licenses, and if intended for short-term use, consider giving them a relevant name.
  2. Configure calendar processing settings: These settings guide the resource booking assistant on how to handle incoming meeting requests. Default settings allow the room to accept meetings from anyone, permit conflicts, and accommodate lengthy meetings. Customizing these settings ensures that the resource booking assistant manages incoming requests precisely as needed.

Certain calendar processing settings are configurable through the resources section of the Exchange admin center, where you can set parameters like the booking window, maximum meeting duration, allowance for recurring meetings, and text to include in responses emailed to meeting organizers. Additionally, you can determine whether the room automatically accepts meetings or if delegates must review and decide on meeting requests.

For some calendar processing settings, PowerShell is necessary. For instance, the command below configures automated calendar processing for a room mailbox named “Ohio.Conference”:

					powershellCopy codeSet-CalendarProcessing -Identity Ohio.Conference -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept `
-AddAdditionalResponse $True -AdditionalResponse '<h2>Welcome to the Corporate Room Scheduling System</h2> ... [response details] ...' `
-AllowConflicts:$False -AllowRecurringMeetings:$False `
–MaximumDurationInMinutes 30 -ScheduleOnlyDuringWorkHours:$True `
-ForwardRequestsToDelegates:$True -BookingWindowInDays 30 `
-AddOrganizerToSubject:$False -DeleteSubject:$False `
-AllRequestInPolicy:$True -AllBookinPolicy:$False -BookInPolicy "Conference Organizers"

These settings prevent conflicts, limit meeting duration, allow meetings only during work hours, forward requests to delegates, specify the booking window, and more.

In summary, understanding the hidden capabilities of configuring and managing room mailboxes empowers users to streamline processes and leverage automated solutions effectively.


A Room Mailbox is a type of mailbox in an email system that represents a meeting location, such as a conference room. It can be used to schedule and manage meetings in that room.
The process of creating a Room Mailbox can vary based on your email system. In Microsoft Exchange, for example, you can typically create a Room Mailbox through the Exchange Admin Center or PowerShell.
Automated processing for a Room Mailbox often involves setting up features like calendar processing rules. This can include configuring automatic booking acceptance, setting scheduling policies, and defining resource scheduling options.
Yes, you can usually control who can book the room by configuring booking policies or permissions. This ensures that only authorized users can schedule meetings in the room and prevents conflicts.
Automatic booking acceptance allows the Room Mailbox to automatically accept meeting requests if the room is available. This can typically be configured through calendar processing settings for the Room Mailbox.
To prevent double-bookings, you can configure the Room Mailbox to automatically decline conflicting meeting requests. This is often done through the calendar processing settings.
Yes, many email systems allow you to configure notifications for room booking requests. This can include email notifications to designated administrators or the room manager.
Scheduling policies for a Room Mailbox can be customized through the admin settings of your email system. This may include defining booking window limits, maximum meeting durations, and other scheduling constraints.
Best practices may include regularly reviewing and updating booking policies, ensuring that the Room Mailbox has the latest software updates, and regularly monitoring the room's calendar for any anomalies.
Your email system's official documentation and support resources are excellent places to find detailed information and assistance. Online forums and community groups related to your specific email system can also be valuable for getting advice from other administrators.

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