Sameer Shahul


Sameer Shahul

“There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.” – Being said by a great human, not sure if it was originally Zig Ziglar or Roger Staubach though, I admire this thought and my route to follow.

When I joined with my Pa at Montana in 2013 after quitting my job at Etisalat, I was ill-equipped and apprehensive about how to keep the ball rolling since Montana is a megacorp that has been in the GCC market for more than 36 years. But then, I realized the meaning of the above quote. Thanks to almighty, Montana is still on the crest of a wave in the GCC technical market. Later in 2017 Pa retired and I took over the firm which allowed me to grow more and spread its wings to many other sectors.

Mignet Technologies was established in 2018 to provide best in class IT Support and Solutions for various business sectors. Even though onlookers might think that Montana and Mignet are like chalk and cheese, I found them as the different sides of the same coin. As per our roadmap, Mignet Technologies expect to expand its activities all over GCC by 2030.

Outside of work, my hobby is reading autobiographies and historical fiction novels. If I can’t be found in the garden reading a new novel, I’ll probably be out on the ground playing football which is my second favourite pastime.

I enjoy meeting new people and hearing and learning new perspectives. Reach out if you want to talk to me about books, business or maybe sports 🙂
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