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Top 8 Tips to Choose Your Managed IT Service Provider

If a company looking to free up staff for core tasks or need a fully-fledged IT department often turn to a Managed IT Service provider (MSP) like Mignet.

A Managed IT service provider should help control costs, increment seriousness, and improve adaptability.

If you are having problems with your managed service provider or are thinking of hiring one, below are the top 8 tips for choosing a managed IT service provider in Dubai.

Top 6 tips for choosing a managed IT service provider

    1. How did Managed Service Providers respond to your Request for Proposal?
    2. What’s in the Agreement?
    3. What values you will get a return?
    4. What’s the MSP’s policy on your control of access?
    5. What’s the size of the MSP?
    6. Whether your Managed Service Provider have Help Desk?

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How did Managed IT Service Providers respond to your Request for Proposal?

The initial step to employing a managed service provider is to convey a Request for Proposal (RFP) to qualified providers that you think can meet your standards. The RFP plots the venture extension and tells the imminent provider your assumptions.

Along these lines, the primary thing you should pay special mind to is the way they react to your RFP. A portion of the things you ought to consider in such manner include:

  1. Did they read the proposition and react to your particular prerequisites, or does their proposition look like something conventional that they immediately set up?
  2. Does their arrangement oblige your business tasks?
  3. Do they give a course of events and achievements to gauge the arrangement’s prosperity?
  4. Does their arrangement improve your business?
  5. Are assumptions spelt out and expectations characterized?
  6. Does their arrangement address business congruity?

These are for the most part basic if you are searching for a managed service provider. They should comprehend your business.

What's in the Agreement?

There are numerous instances of companies signing up with an IT service provider and fail to get a detailed managed services agreement (MSA) that explains the services, software, licensing hardware, and labour is provided.

Ensure you get an agreement.

The managed services agreement should include:

  1. Sufficient detail to explain services and costs.
  2. Defined service levels and a performance guarantee.
  3. Be tailored to fit your business, not just a cookie-cutter agreement.

The managed IT service provider should also review the agreement with you section by section. Both parties must understand what’s in agreement.

What values you will get a return?

You need to ask yourself if the partnership between you and MSP provides value. Below is a checklist that would help you determine if the engagement offers value to your organisation:

  1. Does your managed service provider follow published best practices?
    Each equipment maker has distributed accepted procedures that they prescribe to take advantage of their item concerning establishment, sending, setup, and continuous upkeep.
  2. Do they have a documented process with clearly defined configurations and procedures?
    Most good MSPs will have a written document outlining all their processes and procedures.
  3. Is there a network improvement plan?
  4. Do they offer documented vendor management?
  5. Are they professional?
    The support specialists that work with end-users should be presentable and have a uniform appearance. They also have good customer service skills, be responsive, and communicative
  6.  whether the solution solves the problem?
    Solution solving is the most determined value among all the above.

Did their MSP's policy on your control of access?

This is one thing that many customers don’t often think about when they are hiring a managed service provider.

Do they have the keys to the castle, and what can you do if you decide you don’t want to work with them anymore?

Some corrupt providers will hold you hostage and decline to turn over administrator passwords until you pay contract wiping out expenses or some different charges they may interest to make up for lost business. This can cause critical issues when you’re attempting to move to an alternate provider.

To keep away from such a situation, give the provider a copy administrator represent access control and eliminate the rights to change the administrator secret phrase. On the off chance that you conclude, you would prefer not to work with the merchant any longer, you should simply handicap or erase the copy administrator account.

Determine the size of the MSP

There are two aspects to this; the first is the company’s size – there is too big, and there is too small.

For a company that’s too small,

  • their service levels may drop if a technician is out of the office.
  • they may not be able to handle the increased activity.

For a company that’s too big,

  • your support tickets may get lost among too many technicians. 
  • there may be no one familiar with your network or business, resulting in slower issue resolution.

It would be best if you struck the right balance by going for a medium-sized firm that charges a fair fee.

Managed IT Service

Whether their MSP have Help Desk?

There are several managed service providers out there that don’t have a dedicated support desk. They lack a ticketing and complaint management system and resolution policy. Avoid such companies.

Select a provider that takes customer support seriously and uses appropriate methodologies and processes to manage support requests.

We recommend that you work with a provider that uses ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) methodology, a documented system of handling, maintenance, support, administration of network infrastructure.

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