IT Security Partner

Benefits for being IT Security Partner with Mignet.

We are living in when digitalization of business in supporting business effort, permeability, and extension. Expanding digitalization has made organizations – of all shapes and sizes – inclined to digital assaults that can conceivably frustrate business activities and believability. In this way, it is simply normal to increase safety efforts and guarantee that touchy business data doesn’t become public the incorrect way. To explore through such difficult stretches, let Mignet Technologies be your IT security organizer and accomplice. 

Mignet Technologies is Dubai’s leading IT supporting company that provides AMC for different solutions. In this way, we completely know both the stunts and dangers of the exchange that can influence your business’ advanced resources. That is the reason we have joined forces with brands that are all around the world prestigious for planning and creating arrangements that can stand the trial of time, and successfully safeguard your association’s business capacities, the executives, and computerization against vindictive online exercises. Just as our group additionally represents considerable authority in creating specially crafted answers for customers.

What do we provide as an IT Security partner?

Our group of Security Analysts and specialists are innovation nerds; they are continually searching for approaches to improve our items, refined, and innovatively progressed. All in all, when you sign IT Security partner, with us, we convey arrangements and items that are the most recent, and the most secure.

For a business to defend itself against IT security dangers, it is basic that they have tough IT security rehearses – which can be actuated naturally and quickly – Here’s the way Mignet can help you.

Data Loss Prevention

Endpoint Security

Email Security

Firewalls & VPN

Identity & Access

Mobile Device Security

Web Security

Patch Management

Employee Training

An organization's workers are its greatest USP. For IT security Partners, it is prescribed that workers be exposed to security-related preparing consistently. At the point when you partner with Mignet, we allocate a specialist/expert to you who will visit your association and convey an instructional course. Our colleague will visit your premises at standard spans to ensure that the systems are appropriately assessed, overhauled, and furthermore illuminate and train your labourers about the most recent improvements in the IT Systems

Software Updates

It cannot be emphasized how important and crucial software updates are for the overall safety of your business management and automation. At Mignet, we have a dedicated staff of customer service representative who will make calls and drop emails to notify you about impending software updates. In case you are too occupied in other business matters, you can always ask us to come by, and do the software updates and upgrades for you. These measures ensure that your systems kept up-to-date, and all potential weaknesses are taken care of well in advance.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is the trending practice that organizations are recommended to use as a safe passage against murky cyber activities. We advise our clients to use a cloud storage facility. Cloud storage allows businesses to do business using fewer access points. As a result, hackers are dissuaded. Above all, private cloud promises increased monitoring, reporting, and easy threat detection and diffusion in real-time.

IT security is the need of the hour, especially as we help in the complete digital transformation of your company operations. Keeping the current need in mind, we offer customized IT security Partner packages to safeguard your business. Contact us today!

Cloud Storage

Benefits of having an outsourced IT Security Partner.

  • You will save your valuable time.
  • You don’t want to provide allowances for all of your IT staff.
  • You don’t have to have extra space and infrastructure for your IT staff.

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