Password manager.

What is a password manager and why it is important?

A password manager is a software application for storing and managing online credentials. Mainly, these passwords are stored in an encrypted database

While technology promises to make our lives easier, and it generally does, every new website and application we sign up for has to generate a new password we have to remember. For most, it’s become impossible to remember all of them. In 2019 Google Online Security Survey found 52% of users reused the same password for different accounts. This is a big mistake!

One of the biggest worries for IT  is identity security and the relative weakness of passwords entered by humans. Generally, no one is efficient at creating and remembering complex, unique passwords for each website that we want to access. We reuse them, thinking that we are clever enough by changing a character here and there in what is a generic “base” password.

Hackers love this. They are not sitting in front of a computer scratching their heads trying to guess what you would use. They use brute force password attack programs that can potentially try millions of passwords per second.

What are the benefits of using a password manager?

No need to memorize all your passwords anymore.

You only need to remember the master password that unlocks your password vault or password manager App. And if you opt for a cloud-based password manager, you can access your password manager anywhere, from any device.

It will auto-generate highly secure passwords for you

Password managers will typically ask you if you’d like to use an auto-generated password whenever you create a new account with a website or application. These random passwords are long, alphanumeric, and essentially impossible to guess.

Password managers save time

Beyond just storing passwords for you, most of password managers auto-fill credentials for quicker  access to online accounts. In addition, some can store and auto-fill name, address, email, phone number, and credit card info. This can be a huge timesaver while filling the forms.

Most of the password managers sync across different OS (Operating Systems)

You can easily switch to different os like Mac, windows, android, and it also supports most popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, etc.

Different Password Manager Software

Keeper Business

Keeper is the leading Password Security Platform for preventing password-related data breaches and cyber threats. With Keeper, your business can auto-generate high-strength passwords, protect sensitive files in an encrypted digital vault, securely share records with teams, and seamlessly integrate with SSO, LDAP, and 2FA.

Duo Security

Duo Security makes security painless, so you can focus on what’s important. Our scalable, cloud-based trusted access solution protects access to all applications for any user and device, from anywhere. Duo’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution is easy to use, administer and deploy while providing complete endpoint visibility and control. This combination of user and device trust builds the foundation for a zero-trust security model.


1Password is a secure, scalable, and easy-to-use password manager that’s trusted by the world’s leading companies. Using 1Password makes it easy for your employees to stay safe online. Once 1Password is part of their workflow, good security habits will become second nature. When everyone uses 1Password, your risk goes down and your productivity goes up.

Kaspersky Password Manager

A security tool that generates an individual password, safely stores the password and addresses or bank card data through a digital vault.

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